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Healthcare Label Printers and Healthcare Scanners 

Supplying label printer solutions and barcode scanners to NHS trusts for over 20 years 

Identity: Positive Patient ID for Accurate Patient Identification and Care 

Improving patient care and accuracy is a result of caregivers' attention to detail. From admission to discharge, patient safety requires accurate patient identification throughout the patient's journey.  
AFS positive patient ID solution minimizes errors — enabling medical personnel to deliver the right care, to the right patient, at the right time. Every time 
hospital printers from About Face Solutions
Pharmacy printers from About Face Solutions

Upgrading hospital pharmacies 

We were instrumental in upgrading hospital pharmacies from old unreliable, poor quality, noisy impact printers to reliable high quality, quiet thermal printers. 
On the back of our success with the upgrading of old pharmacy impact label printing we widened our portfolio of label printing solutions to other NHS /Private hospital departments, including Radiology, Medical Records, Pathology, Histology, Blood Transfusion, Oncology ward (particularly where the label and print are required to resist washes and chemicals). 
Our achievements in pharmacy label printing solutions led us to offer patient wristband printing solutions to improve patient safety and staff productivity as outlined in the white paper – ‘Standardising Wristbands improves Patient Safety’ issued by (NPSA) National Patient Safety Agency and subsequent paper issued by Dept of Health. 
Within NHS/Private Hospitals it is crucial to ensure the printed output is high quality, easily readable and will perform well in whatever environment it is subjected to. Our expertise in print technology together with the ability to choose the correct label/adhesive type, as well as matching the best ribbon/ink for performance, allows us to ensure the hospital department will receive a label printing system that will be robust and reliable, to meet the demands of a busy team, whilst adhering to the patient safety guidelines set by Dept of Health and the NPSA. 
hospital wristbands from About Face Solutions
hospital handheld scanners from About Face Solutions
With a final word on patient safety – we also introduced Barcode Scanning to a number of NHS departments. This process eliminates data entry errors, which has improved patient care (Printed Wristbands), staff productivity (Medical Records), and Pathology (Sample Tracking). Due to the number of specific projects that we have been successful in supplying a solution for, we then went on to develop our own Medi-IT.sys range of Printers and Barcode Scanners that are configured for use specifically by the NHS / Private sector and their PAS/software systems. 
hospital label printers from About Face Solutions

Hospital Label Printers 

AFS offers a selection of high-performance label printers optimized for a variety of healthcare applications, including patient identification, hospital admission, specimen labeling, and security & access control. 
In hospital settings, protecting patient safety is paramount. With AFS label printers at your disposal, you can quickly produce wristbands, tags and on-demand labels to monitor ongoing patient treatment, including tests performed and medications administered. 
With our easy-to-transport mobile printers, you can collect and label specimens at the bedside. Then you can track the specimens – from lab testing to final delivery of results – to maximize safety and accuracy. Our label printers also let you keep a close eye on supplies, kits, equipment, and other materials to prevent losses and maintain adequate supply levels at hospital stocking locations. 
To better control security and hospital access, AFS’s bar code printers let you create encoded employee ID cards. You also can produce visitor and customer badges, on the spot, enabling you to monitor guest visits while expediting customer check-in and check-out. 
Our ‘Medi-IT. sys direct thermal and thermal transfer label printers are designed and configured specifically for the NHS. Our range of other printers is supported by supplier manufacturers such as Zebra, Intermec, TSC and Datamax, this allow us to supply the best performance and price criteria demanded by our customers. 
We also offer an inspection, service and repair facility to ensure you will achieve the best possible performance from your printer. We offer a quick turnaround for repairs and servicing normally within four working days (subject to availability of parts). 
We do not just supply a “Box”, our pre and post sales support, together with our workshop service/repair offering for out of warranty problems, ensures that your product works “straight out of the box” and gives you quality service throughout its life time. 
hospital label printers from About Face Solutions
hospital bar code printers from About Face Solutions
Our bar code printers will help you improve accuracy when issuing permits, licenses or traffic citations. They also provide you with a reliable desktop platform for creating secure IDs for better building security. And they are perfect for creating drivers licenses, voter ID cards, healthcare cards, military IDs, and other forms of identification. 
Using mobile printers, parking and code enforcement personnel can enter and verify data quickly, eliminating error-prone manual processes. Or you can use our versatile desktop printers to expedite evidence labeling, identification, and movements & transfers. 
With bar code printers at your disposal, you can cost-effectively modernize and streamline your operations, while increasing the efficiency and productivity of your workforce – both in the office and out in the field. 

Labels & Ribbons 

To ensure you obtain maximum performance and robust quality printing from your system, it is important that the correct type of label is chosen to suit the printer’s requirements, and the environment the label will be deployed in. 
Our extensive knowledge of label face stock, adhesives, coatings and material specifications, allows us to choose the best combination for you to ensure you have trouble free printing. For our NHS customers, we provide labels with Easipeel or Hi Tak adhesive that has FDA approval, assuring there is no adhesive migration through the label platform that may contaminate the product or sample. 
Whilst we pride ourselves in the ability to source the ultimate quality in labels, we also appreciate that almost every organisation, particularly the NHS, continually struggle with restricted budgets, therefore we are very pleased to offer an economy range of labels. Please call or e-mail for further information. 
A common issue our customers have experienced in the past is having to replace ribbons and labels separately at varying periods, to alleviate this we now supply our “Supplies Plus” (SPE) label/ribbon pack, which is configured to ensure that the label and ribbon run out at the same time. This cuts the time required to service and the printer consumables by 50%. 
labels and ribbons for hospital printers
Not sure how to specify your labels ? Complete our quick label enquiry form and we'll do the rest. 
pharmacy labelling from About Face Solutions
Pre printed colour labels from About Face Solutions Ltd
Pre printed colour labels over printed with black ink from About Face Solutions Ltd
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Read more about pre printed colour labels 

Pharmacy Labelling 

About Face Solutions handles all aspects of the label converting process for Pharmacies across the UK offering pre-press art design, plate making, press production, packaging, to shipping finished goods insuring consistent and reliable lead-times on order execution. 
About Face Solutions can supply Pharmacy's with Pre-Printed labels in colour with your own company details on too! These labels can then go through your thermal printer with your relevant information. About Face Solutions can create bespoke pharmacy/dispensary labels to be used to identify contents of boxes and containers and layout clear instructions for the patient on dosage and frequency, as well as the patient's name and contents.  
We meet the labelling needs of your pharmacy operations and you can quickly produce easy-to-read prescription labels. At AFS Labels we make sure our Labelling design on dispensed products is safer for patients and respects the laws in place. 
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