Hosting a huge Christmas event and looking to invite a large number of guests? While running an event is fun, the last thing you want is uninvited guests to crash the party and ruin the experience. One way you can quickly identify your guests is with a wristband and what better choice than Fabric Wristbands from About Face Solutions
Made from a durable and high quality fabric, these bands will easily fit onto your guests’ wrists and allow your event security to easily authorise guests and let them in. With various customisation options from the colour to the text, these bands can be tailored to match your requirements. 
Our fabric wristbands are all woven instead of being printed, which makes them virtually impossible to counterfeit. We can even incorporate UV yarn into the wristbands so that they can be quickly identified under a UV light. 
Why get your wristbands from About Face Solutions? 
If you are choosing a wristband for your event there are several features that are essential. From being easy to distinguish as well as being non transferable, our wristbands are the perfect choice for any large event. 
Whether you’re using this for children or grown adults, they’ll love the bright colours and unique designs of these wristbands. The lurex yarn we use is tough enough to last for the whole event, so you don’t have to worry about replacing torn or broken wristbands. 
Ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible with the help of Fabric Wristbands from About Face Solutions
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