One of the biggest causes of wasted money for retail businesses is replacing products that are lost due to theft and destruction. Businesses can spend thousands of pounds on hiring security staff and installing security cameras in the continual effort to prevent people from stealing their goods. 
However, a much simpler solution to your problem comes in the form of our security stickers. Designed to be as difficult to remove as possible, our tamper proof labels will clearly show that an item has been stolen or been opened without permission. 
At About Face Solutions, we supply clients with a selection of FDA approved tamper proof stickers, such as our void stickers, that leave the word void on the product, or destructible stickers that can split into small sections that can’t be reattached. 
Benefits of using tamper proof stickers on your products 
One of the easiest ways to stop theft is to deter people from even attempting to steal the product. Due to the difficult to remove nature of our tamper proof stickers, a wannabe thief won’t be able to resell these products, as they will clearly display that they were stolen. 
Due to these stickers also being incredibly affordable, they can save you money in the long run compared to other security options. We use the strongest adhesives in our tamper proof stickers, so you can be assured of their quality. 
Protect your products with tamper proof stickers from About Face Solutions
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