Label Printer Warranty and Services
Are you looking for a company to service your labelling printer or looking for an extended warranty? We can help. 
Example: Over time glue and dust builds up and can make it harder for your printer to print effectively, which causes fading and can eventually stop working altogether. Our service and clean can return your printer back to its normal quality and extend it's life. 
Why do you need to service your printers regularly?  
If this is not carried out yearly, over time the print-head can get damaged. An example of what can happen is it can cause thin lines down the print - this cannot be resolved by carrying out a service and you will need to purchase a new printer!! Book your printer for a service today? 
Full Printer Service:- 
Your printer will be inspected & serviced and will be returned to you in full working order - this will also extend the life of the printer. 
*Prices may vary depending on model and quantity. 
IF WE FIND YOUR PRINTER TO BE UNREPAIRABLE, we will dispose of the faulty printer/or return it to you (your choice). We will then send you a quotation for a new printer compatible to your existing faulty/broken printer and you will receive a special code which will give you a discount of £50.00 off your new Printer order. 


AFS Extended RTB Desktop Printer Service agreement available 
All parts included 
All spares included 
All labour include 
Excludes - Printer Heads & Platen Rollers 
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