Zebra Label Printers and Zebra Card Printers 

Explore the range of Zebra label printers available from About Face Solutions below 
Zebra Label Printers

Zebra Label Printers 

Desktop Label Printers  

The Zebra desktop printers provide high-speed printing and top performance for labels up to 108 mm width. The desktop printers are compact, robust and reliable – the ideal choice for the most diverse applications, such as in healthcare, laboratories, retail and the hospitality sectors. 
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Zebra ZD500 Series Label Printer
Zebra ZD500 Series 
The label printer with simple remote maintenance 
Zebra ZD620-HC Label Printer
Zebra ZD620-HC 
High-performance label printer for healthcare 
Zebra ZD420-HC Label Printer
Zebra ZD420-HC 
4'' desktop label printer for healthcare 
Zebra ZD620 Label Printer
Zebra ZD620 
Efficient and uncomplicated 4'' label printing 
Zebra ZD420 Label Printer
Zebra ZD420 
Sustainable 4'' label printer 
Zebra ZD410 Label Printer
Zebra ZD410 
Particularly compact 2'' label printer 
Zebra TLP2824 Plus Label Printer
Zebra TLP2824 Plus 
Versatile and affordable: thermal transfer label printer with high performance 
Zebra GK420d/420y Label Printer
Zebra GK420d/420t 
Direct thermal and thermal transfer label printers 
Zebra GX420d/420t/430t Label Printer
Zebra GX420d/420t/430t 
Direct thermal and thermal transfer label printers 
Zebra HC100 Label Printer
Zebra HC100 
Wristband printer for patient and personal identification 
Zebra GC420d/420t Label Printer
Zebra GC420d/420t 
Proven printer technology at an amazing price 
Zebra GT800 Label Printer
Zebra GT800 
All-rounder for Desktop Label Printing 
Zebra ZD510 Label Printer
Zebra ZD510 
Hygienic patient wristbands in no time 
Zebra Industrial Label Printers

Zebra Industrial Printers 

Industrial Label Printers  

Zebra's industrial label printers in either direct thermal or thermal transfer printing mode, and are an excellent choice for demanding applications within warehousing, production and logistics environments. They feature extremely robust housings, so that they deliver problem-free results on various mediums, even under extreme conditions.  
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Zebra ZT400 Series Label Printer
Zebra ZT400 Series 
Mid-range printers for super quick label printing 
Zebra ZT510 Label Printer
Zebra ZT510 
High-performance industrial label printer 
Zebra ZT200 Series Label Printer
Zebra ZT200 Series 
Hard-wearing tabletop label printers 
Zebra 105SLPlus Label Printer
Zebra 105SLPlus 
Cost-efficient, fast and reliable 
Zebra ZT600 Series Label Printer
Zebra ZT600 Series 
Industrial printers for the harshest conditions 
Zebra high end industrial printers

Zebra High End Industrial Printers 

High End Industrial Label Printers  

The durable high end industrial label printers offer incredible levels of reliability, and are the ideal solution for demanding round-the-clock operation producing pinpoint sharp small labels using the direct thermal or thermal transfer method. These extremely rugged devices tackle large print volumes easily, making them especially suitable for use in shipping and other industrial applications. 
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Zebra R110Xi4 RF-ID Series Label Printer
Zebra R110Xi4 RF-ID 
Label printer with integrated RFID reader/encoder 
Zebra 220Xi4 Label Printer
Zebra 220Xi4 
High-end industrial printer for especially large labels 
Zebra ZT170Xi4 Label Printer
Zebra ZT170Xi4 
For industrial labels in large quantities upon demand 
Zebra 140Xi4 Label Printer
Zebra 140Xi4 
Professional label printer for high-end needs 
 Zebra 110Xi4 Label Printer
Zebra 110Xi4 
Industrial label printer for labels up to 114 mm wide 

Zebra Print Engines 

Print Engines 

Zebra's print and apply print engines are designed for use in a variety of high-volume, mission-critical applications. These print engines are typically integrated by Zebra partners into a complete print and apply system to label products, pallets, cases and cartons quickly and easily, with great reliability. 
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 Zebra ZD500 Series Label Printer
Zebra ZE500 Series 
Print module for reliable long-lasting operation 
 Zebra ZD620-HC Label Printer
Zebra KR203 
Small-sized kiosk printers 
 Zebra ZD420-HC Label Printer
Zebra KR403 
Kiosk receipt printer for customized mounting 
Zebra Mobile Label Printers

Zebra Mobile Printers 

Mobile Label Printers  

If you are looking to replace handwritten documents or pre-printed receipts, then Zebr's range of direct thermal or thermal transfer receipt printers is an ideal solution. The entry-level devices provide professional and reliable operation anywhere at all times and their small size and light weight makes them comfortable to carry. 
Click on an image to explore further: 
 Zebra ZQ600-HC series Label Printer
Zebra ZQ600-HC series 
Location-independent label printing for the highest degree of patient safety 
 Zebra ZQ500 Series Label Printer
Zebra ZQ500 Series 
Portable, robust and versatile 
 Zebra EZ320 Label Printer
Zebra EZ320 
Robust mobile printer with 203 dpi 
Zebra ZQ300 Series Label Printer
Zebra ZQ300 Series 
Robust mobile printers for indoor or outdoor usage 
Zebra QLn420 Label Printer
Zebra QLn420 
4-inch mobile printer 
Zebra ZQ600 series Label Printer
Zebra ZQ600 series 
Maximum productivity in mobile receipt and label printing 
Zebra QLn220 Healthcare Label Printer
Zebra QLn220 Healthcare 
Mobile printer for labels in healthcare 
Zebra QLn320 Healthcare Label Printer
Zebra QLn320 Healthcare 
Mobile label printer for healthcare 
Zebra GX420d/420t/430t Label Printer
Zebra QLn320 
Compact mobile printer with LCD display 
Zebra QLn220 Label Printer
Zebra QLn220 
Light, large display mobile label printer 
Zebra ZQ110 Label Printer
Zebra ZQ110 
Mobile receipt printer for mobile devices 
Zebra iMZ220 Label Printer
Zebra iMZ220 
Mobile printers for iOS, Android, Windows 
Zebra card Printers

Zebra Card Printers 

Card Printers  

Zebra card printers are a reliable and user-friendly way to print either monochrome or colour cards with pictures, text and bar codes at up to 300 dpi. The range of cards available includes visitor and employee badges with models having integrated magnetic stripe encoders, chip card encoders or RFID encoders. 
Click on an image to explore further: 
Zebra ZC350 card Printer
Zebra ZC350 
Premium card printer with numerous features 
Zebra ZC300 card Printer
Zebra ZC300 
Card printer with unlimited possibilities 
Zebra ZC100 card Printer
Zebra ZC100 
A real hit among card printers 
 Zebra ZXP Series 1 card Printer
Zebra ZXP Series 1 
Affordable and compact – desktop card printer from Zebra 
 Zebra ZXP Series 3 card Printer
Zebra ZXP Series 3 
Affordable and fast desktop card printer 
 Zebra ZXP Series 7 card Printer
Zebra ZXP Series 7 
Mass Production of Top Quality Cards 
Zebra ZXP Series 9 card Printer
Zebra ZXP Series 9 
Retransfer printer for cards with photo quality, monochrome or full-colour 
Zebra ZC10L card Printer
Zebra ZC10L 
Large format card printing in photo quality 
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